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Yeast likes to grow at a temperature of between 75F – 82F (25C – 32C) and work most efficiently at 80F – 90F (27C – 32C).

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‘Oven spring’ refers to the growth of the bread during its initial baking phase where the loaf is growing before the crust hardens. A ‘good oven spring’ is when the loaf expands to its full potential both by volume and shape to produce an airy crumb texture and an open balanced shape.

Below are examples of using the “code” block to give helpful tips. I have seen 6 types used:

BONUS TIP: Keeping notes every time you bake can help you to improve with every loaf you make. Observe the look of your final loaf and what you did to help troubleshoot and improve.
NOTE: The fermentation times may differ slightly if autolyse is included, so for the first few times it is best to keep a closer eye during the bulk ferment.
TIP: If you don’t have the time, schedule or desire to fully autolyse, then you can do it for a shorter amount of time and still reap some of the benefits. Even a shorter autolyse will make a difference to the result of your dough structure and bread. 
QUICK TIP: A sign that you are not feeding your starter enough, is if you find it developing ‘hooch’ (a runny liquid) on its surface regularly. If this is the case, increase the amount of flour and water you are feeding it by a little.
FUN FACT: Scoring the loaf is also known as a bakers’ signature. Bakers used to slash their loaves in a unique design as a way for others to recognize that it was their bread. 
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: What you don’t want to do, is feed your sourdough starter a different type of flour every time you feed it. The collection of bacteria and yeast that thrive in your starter will be slightly different for every type of flour. Switching from flour to flour too often will constantly change the balance of the culture and ultimately weaken it.